This collection of smoking bottles includes various shades and combinations of purple.

Because every design is hand made and original, when you order a particular bottle, we try to make it as close as possible to the bottle pictured, but it won't be exact. Each design will eventually be named, so if you see one without a unique name, suggest one! If we like it, it sticks!

All Smoking Bottles are $21.00 each, unless otherwise noted.

Enjoy your Smoking Bottle!

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Smoking Bottles


Purple Grape

Basic purple on purple.


Purple on Purple Swirl

Purple on purple swirls.


Lavender & Purple

Lavender capped with purple.


Purple & Black Swirl

Purple and black swirl, hanger same.

Lavender with Purple & Black Hanger

Here is a lavender bottle capped with purple in a purple and black hanger.


Hot Purple

Purple with pink and red swirl.

Purple, Red & Black

Mix of purple, red and black swirls.
Hanger same.


Blue & Purple Swirl

Blues and purples swirled together.
Hanger is a mix of various blues and purple.

Purple with Turquoise Sash

Purple bottle with a turquoise sash. Hanger
is purple with a turquoise spiral strand.


Winter Cold

White bottle capped with light blue and grape purple.

Turquoise & Purple

Turquoise bottle with purple capping,
in a purple hanger.

Purple & Lavender

Purple bottle with lavender,
capping, in a purple hanger.

Pastel Cool

Graduating shades of blues, purples
and greens going from dark at
the bottom to light at the top.
Hanger is a mix of the same.

Pagan Purple

Purple with silver and black
capping. Hanger is purple,
silver and black.


Black with Purple Sash

Black with a purple sash.
Hanger is all black with a purple spiral strand.

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