Polymer Clay Aromanecklace

So many different mediums facinate me, Kerry, that I just have to dabble in some clay.

Currently out of stock, but I could create something for you.

Other polymers clay aromanecklaces I have done. These are sold.

Our popular Sniffing Horn Aromanecklace A fairy with pink and purple wings
Cute red and black dragon A half dozen red roses and a half dozen eagle feathers
A variety of polymer clay aromanecklaces Black fimo tribal design with black and white fimo beads
Green winged red haired fairy

Wirewrap Aromanecklace

Our wirewrap aromanecklaces are the brightest and yet simplest of our aromanecklaces. Great for wearing or hanging in your car. Holds 1/2 dram of your favorite Crystal Mountain oil.

A selection of wirewrap aromanecklaces
$5.00 each

Pick any one or two color combination of wire - silver, gold, brown, black, blue, ice blue, pink, red, green, or purple.

Chakra Aromanecklace

Slim and simple, these 1 dram vial are decorated with bi-cone crystal beads in the seven chakra colors. Use for them in your chakra meditations.

Chakra Aromanecklace Chakra Aromanecklaces