Whitehorn, Colorado
Elev. 9,100 ft
Population: oh...2 to 4 people, depending on the time of year

Every story has a beginning.  In February 2003 we were at home in Plantersville, TX, bored.  Everyone knows you can't do shows in January, February and March.  Income was at it's ebb.  Larry was surfing the internet.  We were missing Colorado.  He did a Google search for "vacant land Colorado". The first thing that popped up was a 4.5 acre (totally surrounded by the beautiful San Isabel National Forest) parcel 16 miles NE of Salida.  Now, we've been around a lot of Colorado over the past 15 years, but we hadn't spent much time in Salida.   So we made inquires.  The location was good, for doing shows in Colorado since it was centrally located in the mountains of Colorado.  The price was right.  So in April we drove up, looked at the property, and bought it.  After buying the property we found out that an old mining town called Whitehorn had been there early in the 1900's.  Upon researching the history, we found that it had a post office and a newspaper for nearly 15 years, schools, saloons, boarding houses and mercantiles.  We found there were lots of newspaper articles about the area and the town in other papers of the times.

We spent a good part of our summer 2003 and all of summer 2004 just camping out up there, doing shows on the weekends and returning during the week. We really fell in love with the pristine little valley set at 9300 feet altitude with lots of pines and aspen and meadows to walk in.  The rest is history.......Whitehorn history.....