A Genealogy

We live in a world of fear and misunderstanding that rivals any era in history. Our government spends billions of dollars per year in the quest of teaching us from children to near adult. And still many of them shoot each other dead, mostly to try to gain attention for themselves.

I personally believe most of us will never know who we are until we know where we came from. There is a feeling of self-worth attended by a feeling of personal security when you meet your ancestors face to face, and be able to view their lives and hardships and their glories.

Confederate prisoners
So my job here is to create an interest in you, to look back into your past, and feel inside you an almost eternal blood coursing through your veins that was a part of your father and your mother and back through their fathers and mothers and so on until we lose track. And perhaps that is what some of us have done, lost track. Without that knowledge it is difficult to realize we really are all brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles all intertwined. Like atoms to molecules is our relationship to our family.

So I challenge you, start with yourself - it is your story. It is what your family has come to be down to this point, if this is a good thing you can walk backward with ease. If it hasn't been so good maybe some advice from a great, great, great Aunt Polly will set you straight. Or a story from a Civil War hero's diary, who bares a vague resemblance, when you look deep into his eyes. I remember the September morning I woke in the small town of Burkesville, in Cumberland co. Kentucky. I had only known this town existed a few days prior. I spent the day there, and for days after I felt pangs of homesickness for this small town. Yes, I believe the blood of our ancestors flows thick in us. And if we will find our heritage, it will help to direct our lives in a very special way.
The actual research process comes from many different angles. Ask for information from older family members, fathers, mothers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, write everthing down regardles how trivial it may seem to you at the time. Even unsure dates, fot they may hold a key to an important door sometime in the future. Family Bibles, old tax records, diaries, journals, military records all hold vital information as do birth and death certificates. We will include a list of as many sources and libraries as possible as we become aware of them.
Our goal in this endeavor is to create an index of Surnames with as much pertinant information on families and members and where they stood as history unfolded around them, in the hope someone else will be able to link a person or a family member or an ancestor to them. I am furthermore intend to present the names I have been given as my ancestors regardless of whether they can be documented as fact, in hopes someone else may be able to finalize the task. I intend to try to minimize the boredom by presenting each person with as much color as their existance will permit and portray as much history as my resources allow.

M. Wallace
Come, let's help each other solve the puzzles of our past - an ongoing journey.

I want to present here a List of Surnames that are associated with my ancestory and the ancestory of my wives who were mothers of my children and my wife at present. Data on family members will be linked to their personal pages from the stories below as I can get them done.
Chapter 2: An Irish Tale
Chapter 3: Daniels Story
Chapter 4: A Crossroads Mid 1840's
Chapter 5: My Grandparents
Chapter 6: Dad and Mom
Chapter 7: Choices
Chapter 8: Ghosts in the Wilderness
Chapter 9: Last Friday
Chapter 10: My Mother
Murley migration from 1735 to 1935

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