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Over the past 28 years of traveling and doing renaissance festivals and art shows we have occasionally received requests asking us about wholesale information from other entrapanuers that would love to carry our oils and incense in their store and shops. While wholesale isn't our focal point in business, we do offer a discount price on our products for those who want to carry Crystal Mountain brand oils and incense in their shop. We started with a few small shops in the late 1990's - Love Street in the Montrose in Houston and Earth Tones in Kent, Ohio. Our longest running wholesale customers were Sound Revolution in Houston and Good Vibrations in Norman, OK.

Currently you can find our incense and oils at Dave's Country Store in Todd Mission, TX. Check out the display there!


You can have a display just like these in your store! People LOVE and WANT to smell good! Our incense and oils are excellent for those impulse purchases!

Our oils and incense are attractively packaged and ready to sell. We can barcode UPC if you need. Oils come in 1/4 oz (2 dram) size vials and the majority of them are $2.85 per vial. Minimum initial order is 100 vials, you can request any mix and match amount from any of our oils. Email us for a more exact price listing per oil.

Our incense comes in 12" x 3" ziplock bags with a full color, handsomely printed fold over top card with hole punched for hanging. Each bag has 22 sticks of incense in them and yes, our sticks are very oils and there will be settling of oil in each bag. Each bag is priced at $1.45 per bag with a minumum intitial order of 75 bags of any mix you request.

Aromanecklaces are also available for wholesale. We do not offer the smoking bottles for wholesale.

Initial orders must be the minimum requirements. Re-orders can be more flexable, since we know that sometimes you may run out of a popular scent and your customers are clamering for more, but you just don't have enough product sold to quite meet a new minimum. Send us an email or give us a call, we are easy to work with.

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