Stonewrap Aromanecklace
$16.00 each

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Stonewrap Aromanecklace

These are our best sellers! They are so mystical and precious - each type of stone generating its own unique energies! Wrapped in gold or silver craftwire with 2 metalcast charms. Check out our Charm List to see what we have to choose from. You can specify wire color, stone color and two charms to customize your necklace.

Here are pictures of many of our stonewraps - it will give you a good idea of the colors and charms combos you can create. The files shouldn't be too big, but be patient on the download.

Amethyst with quartz crystal and a fairy Yin and Yang - black onyx and clear quartz crytal stone chips with chinese dragon and tiger Hematite with a wolf and harley motorcycle
Lapis Lazuli with a dolphin and a moon and star Hematite stars with a star and a moon Black onyx with a chinese dragon and sword
Smokey Quartz with a cat and a butterfly Citrine with a fairy and mushroom Brown tiger Eye with a pentagram and a moon and star
Garnet with Madonna and cross Black pearl with a sea turle and sanddollar Turquoise with horse and bison

Our series of Astrological Aromanecklaces make great gifts! Each zodiac comes in your choice of stones with a quartz crystal. Specify antique silver or antique gold. Check out the Charms list to see what they look like and then go browse Our Blends for matching astrological oils especially blended to represent the characteristics of each sign. Normally I hang a crystal with each zodiac but you can choose any charm as a second.

Aries on Hematite Taurus on Tiger Eye Gemini on Black Onyx and White Howlite
Cancer on Black Pearl Leo on Peridot Scorpio on Hematite Stars
Sagittarius on Turquoise Aquarius on Chalk Lime Turquoise Pisces on Amethyst