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Agates are believed to neutralize the power of the evil eye. The Talismanic powers attributed to agate have been many. They are supposed to make the wearer agreeable and persuasive and give them the favor of God. They are also used to guard the wearer from danger, vanquish all earthly obstacles, and endow a bold heart. Other special powers are a cure for insomnia and assurance of pleasant dreams.

Agate, Moss
moss agater gemstone chips
Brings the farmer in tune with the cycles of the earth.

carnelian gemstone chips
Deepens concentration, harbors the state of the soul and the lessons of our past lives. Carnelian is named from the Latin word carn, which means flesh. The warm color of carnelian is suppose d to give courage and allow those who are timid and of a weak voice to speak boldly and well and is considered to heal anger. It also is used as a protection against envious people. In the East it is believed that if a person is envious of you, their envy will cause you to lose that which you have. The prophet Mohammed is supposed to have worn a carnelian on his right hand. The carnelian is also considered protection from falling walls or houses.

Tiger Eye
brown tiger eye gemstone chips
red tiger eye gemstone chips
Brown or Red, tiger eye is a mental cleanser. Tiger Eye is a stimulant for thought and meditation. It separates false desire from need and aids in purification.

malachite gemstone chips
Aligned with the crown chakra, it serves the physical as well as the inner eyes of man. Malachite was used as a talisman to keep all evil spirits from children. It also was said to ease the pain for a baby cutting teeth and when worn on the neck it made a fast easy birth. In Germany malachite was believed to protect the wearer from danger in falling and gave warning of approaching danger by breaking in pieces. In Egypt malachite was engraved with the image of the sun which protected the wearer from enchantments, evil spirits and the attacks of venomous creatures. It was also considered by some to be a cure for eye diseases.


Jasper, Fancy
fancy jasper gemstone chips

Jasper, Picture
picture jasper gemstone chips
An Earth/Saturn energy, it will open gates of the mind. In the Middle Ages it was thought to ward off scorpions, spiders and snakes and be a cure for their bites. Jasper was suppose to keep the wearer free from ailments of the chest, lungs and stomach. It also drove away evil spirits and was considered a rain-bringer.

Hematite & Hematite Stars

hematite gemstone chips
hematite star beads
Is an iron oxide. It is one oxygen molecule short of being Magnetite. Hematite gives the wearer a favorable judgment in legal matters. It was invaluable to a warrior; when he rubbed his body with it, it conferred invulnerability to him.


Obsidian, Snowflake
snowflake obsidian gemstone chips
In ancient Mexico, obsidian was used extensively for making images of the god Tezcatlipica. It was also made into mirrors that were used to foretell the future. Obsidian sharpens vision both internally and externally. Communicates the balance and true oneness of yin/yang.


amethyst gemstone chips
Ruled by Jupiter, amethyst is a powerful healer and energizer. Traditionally a cure for drunkenness and intoxication, not only for those who drank too much but also for those intoxicated by the love-passion. In Greek amethustos means "not drunken". A drinking vessel made from amethyst or purple almandine garnet would give water the appearance of wine and then it could be taken freely without drunkenness. Other qualities attributed to amethyst are power to control evil thoughts, shrewdness in business, quicken intelligence, protection for soldiers and assurance of victory, success for the hunter, and the power to preserve the wearer from contagion. Birthstone for February.

citrine gemstone chips
Citrine promotes a cheerful and happy disposition and allows control of the emotions. It is particularly used to help the wearer have a neutral attitude. Birthstone for November.

Quartz, Clear
clear quartz gemstone chips
Ruled by Uranus, it is unsurpassed in balancing and healing the mental and the physical. It is identified with purity, coolness, and the mountains from which it generally is obtained.

Quartz, Rose
rose quartz gemstone chips
Calms the emotional heart.

Quartz, Smokey
smokey quartz gemstone chips
Similar to both clear quartz and citrine in its energies.


peridot gemstone chips
Peridot is associated with the sun, whose rays drive away darkness and the power of darkness. It dispelled the terrors of the night and protected from evil spirits. Birthstone for August

Howlite, White

howolite gemstone chips
Aids and deepens sleep and accesses wisdom from our dreams.


garnet gemstone chips
Ruled by Mars, it stimulates the blood and sexual hormones. Its powerful action makes the wearer angry or passionate. In early Christianity its color was a symbol for Christ's shed blood. In mythology the dragon's eyes were said to be carbuncle garnet. Birthstone for January.


emerald gemstone chips
It is believed that Emerald sees the truth and foresees the future when placed under the tongue. It also strengthened the memory and made one an eloquent speaker. Emerald is said to reveal the truth of a lover's oath but at the same time was an enemy to sexual passion. At various times in history the emerald was believed to make one economical so he became rich, received special protection from God and to sharpen one's wits. The ancients held the light-colored stones in the highest regard.

Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli gemstone chips
The Alpha and the Omega, Lapis encourages illumination of the mind. Held in high estime in ancient Babylon and Egypt, it was considered a cure for melancholy or recurring fevers. Birthstone for December.


Pearl, Black
black peacock pearls

Black Stone

black onyx gemstone chips


turquoise gemstone chips
The Anazasi believed turquoise is the ancient giver of life and breath. It was believed to have the power to protect the wearer from falling injuries. This included falling from any high place and also included horse-back. It also is supposed to protect horses from the effect of drinking cold water when overheated by exertion. As a result it has often been worn on a horse's bridle. In the seventeenth century the stone was worn primarily by men and was highly esteemed in ancient Iran (Persia) and the near East. In the southwestern United States the Indian put great importance on turquoise. Its powers were great and supposed to make the hunter's arrow accurate. Birthstone for December.


Red Glass
red glass gemstone chips
Blue Glass
red glass gemstone chips
Aquamarine Glass
red glass gemstone chips
Amber Glass
amber glass gemstone chips
goldstone gemstone chips
millefiori gemstone chips