Rhiannon The Perfumer

Viki Martins also does incense, oils and aromajewelry, in her own style, just as she does life.

Kerry Kelly, Larry Murley and Shadow the Blue Heeler

Who Is Crystal Mountain?

If you were to type 'essential oils' in your computers web browser, chances are you would come up with a list of all sorts of companies that sell aromatherapy lotions and mixtures. And most of them will be rather large (or small business by industry standards) companies. Here at Crystal Mountain we are a real 'Mom & Pop' cottage industry. We love what we do and love to share the wonders of essential oils and fragrances, but we aren't interested in making the NASDAQ list.

Crystal Mountain began in 1992 in Fort Collins, Colorado. For the past 28 years we have called Texas our home, but we love to travel and meet new people, and we have spent a lot of time on the road. Thanks to today's technology, we are always in touch by phone, text, email or Facebook.

Larry, a lifelong gypsy, doesn't often tell anyone where he grew up (we'll just say 'on the farm'). He has crossed the continental U.S. more times than he cares to remember, and has been just about everywhere once, finally 'sorta' settling in Colorado in 1976. In the years he has traveled this earth he finds his greatest pleasure is in sharing it with Kerry.

Kerry grew up in Texas. After high school, she attended the Texas Academy of Art (now closed) in Houston and received a two year degree in commercial art. Not having her heart in it, she floated through several jobs before making a lifestyle change and moving out to the Texas Hill Country and making custom leather footwear for Bald Mountain Moccasins. After meeting Larry in 1991, she now knows just where she wants to go in life and together we enjoy making beautiful jewelry and wonderful smells for people everywhere to enjoy. In 1997 we were joined by our constant companion, Shadow, our Blue Heeler, who shared our life and nearly a quarter of a million road miles for nearly 15 years. Today, other furry loves share our home - Spirit, Elliott, Tobi and Harmony.

Erika O'Malley & friend
Erika O'Malley and unknown friend
These days Crystal Mountain is more of a partnership. As Larry and I have grown older, we are sharing the torch with fellow creative person Erika O'Malley. Together we will keep the world smelling good for many more years! Visit her at her Facebook page Crystal Mountain Treasures
Colin and Lauryn Peters, with Kerry Kelly
Colin Peters, Kerry Kelly, Lauryn Lee-Peters
And when you visit us at any of our booths at one of our shows, these days you will see the friendly and helpful faces of Colin and Lauryn Peters. They have worked at the Texas Renaissance Festival since 2009 and they will bring new ideas and new energy to Crystal Mountain for years to come!
Shannon Huck
Shannon Huck
Shannon Huck has been the face of Crystal Mountain at the Norman Medieval Show for at least a decade. Wonderfully knowledgable about herbs and oils, stop by and visit her while you enjoy the faire!