This unique jewelry can be used in many ways. Wear it as a necklace, hang it in your car or in a sunny window. It comes filled with your favorite Crystal Mountain fragrance or essential oil. The best way to wear your special scent without actually using it up! We make each aromanecklace one at a time where ever we might be, whether in Texas or on the road. Each one is totally customizable, just take a look at the options for each one when you click on the links below.

All of our aromanecklaces are 100% guaranteed forever. Should your necklace ever break, whether it is from old age or your 2 year old grabs it, just return what's left of it or bring it by at one of our shows, and I will repair, remake or replace it. If you are reselling these in your store, then you can offer your customers the same guarantee, as I will back you.
All bottles are 1/2 dram except where noted.

Rhonda Walton and her Crystal Mountain aromanecklace collection
Rhonda Walton loves our aromanecklaces, and she wears them all!