This collection of smoking bottles includes colors and designs that are monochrome - blacks, silver, greys and white - or have a black or white base.

Because every design is hand made and original, when you order a particular bottle, we try to make it as close as possible to the bottle pictured, but it won't be exact. Each design will eventually be named, so if you see one without a unique name, suggest one! If we like it, it sticks!

All smoking bottles are $21.00 unless otherwise noted.

Enjoy your Smoking Bottle!

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Smoking Bottles

Monochrome Colors

Yin Yang

What better color for your meditation
and incense buring!

Basic Black

You can't get more basic than this.


Hammered Metal

The look of hammered silver metal, capped
with black top and bottom in an
all black hanger.

Avante Garde

White, capped with hammered silver and
black, in a black hanger.


Black & Silver Swirl

Black and metallic silver swirled.
You can have an all black hanger or
a hanger with black, grey and white.



Black bottle with a spattering of whie,
like the Milky Way! With a black,
grey and white hanger.

Black Fire

Black bottle with Flames!
Very Popular!

Style A
Black Fire Hung in a black hanger with red & Yellow or orange side strands.
This one is $21 just spray painted.

Style B
Black Fire Hung in a black hanger with red and yellow side strands,
This one has hand painted flames and is a bit more - $23.00.

Black with Turquoise Sash

Black with a silver and turquoise
sash. Hanger is black, silver and turquoise.

Blue Galaxy

Similar to the Galaxy, but with
some blue and white in the hanger,
with a touch of blue in the galaxy as well.


Black with Lime Green Sash

Black with a lime green sash.
Hanger is black, with same.

Bumble Bee

A divided swirl of black and
white, divided by yellow swirling.
Hanger of the same colors.

Silver Bullet

Swirled metallic silver and white
with a grey and white hanger.

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