This collection of smoking bottles includes colors and designs that don't seem to fit into one particular spectrum of the color wheel.

Because every design is hand made and original, when you order a particular bottle, we try to make it as close as possible to the bottle pictured, but it won't be exact. Each design will eventually be named, so if you see one without a unique name, suggest one! If we like it, it sticks!

All smoking bottles are $24.00 unless otherwise noted.

Enjoy your Smoking Bottle!

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Smoking Bottles

Miscellaneous Colors

Yin Yang

What better color for your meditation and incense buring!



Camouflage will consist of various cord of greens,
browns, black and greys, with the bottle painted
in a splotchy pattern of similar colors.


This one reminds me of the colors of
some housewife's kitchen in 1962.

Style A                          Style B

Mardi Gras

Royal Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold.

Style A is angular bands of
color with the hanger being
seperate bands of purple, gold
and green.
Style B is a swirl of color
and a mix of purple, gold
and green on the hanger.



The 6 colors of the rainbow.


Rasta Reggea

Rastafarian incense burner.

Style A                          Style B


Colors of the Mother Earth - Brown, green and blue.

Style A Gaia Earth has brown at the bottom for the ground,
green in the middle for the plants and
blue sky above.

Style B Gaia Swirl is a swirl of the three colors,
making for beautiful emerald peacock color.



The colors of the southwest - ancient turquoise
and precious silver, and the reds
of sandstone cliffs. While the looks may vary some,
each bottle is turquoise capped top and
bottom with metallic silver and rusty red.


A divided swirl design with red
on top and purple on the bottom,
divided by shades of turquoise and teal.


This one is for those who truly
can't decide what color they want!


Black swirl on the bottom,
mixed pink, purple and turquoise.
Hanger is same.

Team Colors

Random, splotchy design of your
favorite team (or corordinated) colors on
a white background.
In this case, the Denver Broncos.
Fill in the box below to
tell us what colors you want.


The Blue and the Gray

The Union and the Confederate

Union Flag
Great to show your,

Dixie Land
The Stars and Bars
Because there is a heritage of the South.


Team Logos

Better yet, how about your team logo?
Great for making that sports room
smell good!
Fill in the box to the right and tell us what team.
And yes, these bottles are a bit more - $27.00.

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