This collection of smoking bottles includes colors and designs that are predominately Red!.

Because every design is hand made and original, when you order a particular bottle, we try to make it as close as possible to the bottle pictured, but it won't be exact. Each design will eventually be named, so if you see one without a unique name, suggest one! If we like it, it sticks!

All smoking bottles are $24.00 unless otherwise noted.

Enjoy your Smoking Bottle!

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Smoking Bottles

Reds & Darker Oranges

Red & Black

Red bottle with black capping,
red and black hanger.


Black & Red

Black bottle with red capping,
hanger is red and black.


Red & Black Swirl

Swirls of red and black,
red and black hanger.

Red & Black Half & Half

Half red, half black.
Hanger is black and red.

Black & Pink Swirl

Black and pink swirls,
hanger is black and pink.


Black with Red Sash

Black bottle with red sash.
Hanger is black with a red spiral.


Black, Red & Orange

Black on the bottom, blending to
red and then orange. Hanger is
black, red and orange.


Candy Cane

White and pink, with a touch of
red swirled. Style A is darker with red,
pink and white hanger. Style B is
lighter with white and pink hanger.


Orange & Black

Orange and black swirls, in a black,
orange, and sometimes red hanger.
While not techinally a red tone, the
black and orange is so dark I couldn't
bring myself to put these on
the yellow and orange page.

For just orange and black.
For orange, red and black.

Wine Red

Burgundy wine red bottle with black capping,
red and black hanger is pictired but
looks best in and all black hanger.

Iron Forge

Red with silver and black cap.
In a red, black & silver hanger.

Pink and Black Half Swirl

Black on the bottom and pink on
top with a touch of red. Black,
pink & red hanger.

Orange & Black Swirl

Black on the bottom, with orange swirls
on the top with a touch
of red. Hanger is black and orange
with a touch of red.

Red and Black Splotch

Red and black splotches,
hanger is red and black mix.

Hammered Red

Metallic grey with a hammered texture,
capped with black and red.
Hanger is same.

Mostly Pink and Black Swirl

Full pink and black swirl bottle.Pink & black hanger.

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