However many shades of grey you want here. All sorts of blacks, greys, silvers and white. Because every design is hand made and original, when you order a particular bottle, we try to make it as close as possible to the bottle pictured, but it won't be exact. Each design will eventually be named, so if you see one without a unique name, suggest one! If we like it, it sticks!

Enjoy your Smoking Bottle!

Smoking Bottles

Style A                          Style B


White with yellow capping,
in a white and yellow hanger.
Style A is an alternate mix of yellow
and white hanger, with a capped and
swirled bottle. Style B is the same
bottle design, with a different hanger
arrangement of the same colors.

Mountain Winter

White bottle capped in hunter green
and turquoise. White, green and
turquoise hanger.

Soft White Turquoise and Lime

White with lime green
and turquoise.
Hanger is same.


Winter Storm

White bottle capped with light blue and grape purple.

Yin Yang

What better color for your meditation and incense buring!

Avante Garde

White, capped with hammered silver and
black, in a black hanger.

Silver Bullet

Swirled metallic silver and white
with a grey and white hanger.

Candy Cane

White and pink, with a touch of
red swirled. Style A is darker with red,
pink and white hanger. Style B is
lighter with white and pink hanger.