Making Your Own Stick or Cone Incense

It is quite simple, really. This is just a quick page and I'll elaborate on it some more later, including making of powder incense.

You can buy unscented punks from several places. Your local fireworks supply will do. There are places online such as Wellington Fragrances, St. John's Botanicals, Kamalas Incense, Kamala's Own or Scents of Paradise where you can buy small or large amounts. Some will also sell unscented cones, but they are harder to find.

Use a shoebox shape/size plastic storage container. It MUST be HDPE plastic. The thin, very clear LDPE plastics will literally melt from the chemical reaction to many oils. Usually you will see a symbol near the recycling code, but plastic shampoo bottles are LDPE, so use that as a guide. Most food storage conatiners will work. Always wear latex gloves while making your sticks.

Take your incense sticks, we recommend 100 at a time, and put them in the plastic container. Spread out your sticks and in a glass jar, dedicated just for this purpose, pour in about 1 ounce of oil. If the oil you've chosen is a thick oil, like frankincense or myrrh resin, labdanum, Egyptian Musk or any Sandalwood, you will need to cut the oil. It often helps to cut any oil with just a little bit. We recommend DPG (Dyepropolene Glycol), it is available at some of the places listed above, particularly Scents of Paradise. If you can't get any DPG, our first choice is isoprophyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). It will leave an alcoholly smell for a while, but if you let your sticks air out, that smell will evaporate away. You may also try using Everclear - not cheap - or cheap Vodka, but vodka has water in it which will not mix with your oil. It will still work but it isn't our first choice.

Use 2 ounce of your choosen 'cut' per 1 ounce of oil. Mix the 'cut' and the oil in the glass jar with your oil and then pour it over the sticks while rolling them. Then just roll them around until they are thoroughly saturated. Store them in the container with the oil soup with a lid on. If you wish, you may lay them out on newspaper to dry and bag them when they are slightly damp but not totally dry. They keep well and for a long time like this. You will find that wood sticks take more oil than charcoal sticks. If you choose to bag your sticks for storage, you may pour your soup mix into any glass jar, put the lid on tight, to use later to make more sticks.

To make cones the process is the same, but we would recommend a deeper, smaller container.

Have fun! And a warning - it can be addicting!

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