Browse through our selection of Leatherwrap Aromanecklaces! Creations of the talendted Erika O'Malley, these hand crafted vials hold 1 dram of your favorite Crystal Mountain oil!

We use mostly soft tanned deerskin leathers, and some are made from various soft cowhide or goatskin. Each one topped with a cork and hung on a .8mm polyester cord.


Until December 3, 2021, all leatherwraps will not be visible for purchase on the website.
This is because during the Texas Renaissance Festival the inventory changes every weekend as aromanecklaces are sold. It is impossible for me to keep up with the website as to what is available and what isn't. After the festival is over I will update the website again for what is available.

Thank you for your patience.

Chaind Leatherwraps

From the creative mind of Erika O'Malley, these leatherwraps are all one of a kind! Charms and dangles on hand laced leatherwrapped vials to hold your favorite Crystal Mountain oil!