Woodies Aromanecklace

If there is ever any two Woodie aromanecklaces alike, it is purely by accident. Originally created by Larry Murley, each of these are individual one of a kind, no jigs or forms used here. We use many different hardwoods and the shapes come out of the wood as he turns. Current woods generally available are Mesquite, Pink Ivory, Padauk, Hohagany, Lace Wood, Black Ebony, Cocobolo, Bocate, Maple, Olivewood, Bubinga, Pecan, African Blackwood,Walnut, and dyed Stabalized wood. Kerry then wraps gold, copper or silver plated craft wire and hangs it with a .8mm polyester cord and tops it off with a cork. Most of our woodies are now made by wood turning hobbyist John Schlobaum.

Below is what is currently in stock. Each one is a one of a kind, and as they sell and new Woodies are made, pictures will be updated. Don't forget to tell us which oil you want your aromanecklace.

We currently have in stock about 75 new Woodie Aromanecklaces! The majority of them will be on display at Sherwood Forest Faire and at Norman Medieval Faire for the next 2 months, and I likely won't be able to post pictures and shopping links to the inventory on hand until after the show ends April 24, 2022. After that I will post what I have left to offer. Because necklaces sell every weekend, it is not possible to get photos of all of them before the show opens in a week and to post and take down as they sell. Please inquire as to what we might have, and I can send on the spot pictures of options. Thanks for understanding.

Woodie Aromanecklaces