Natural bitter almond contains prussic acid, also known as cyanide, which is a well-known poison. Most commercial bitter almond oil is rectified to remove all prussic acid and should be labeled FFpA (free from prussic acid). Our bitter almond is not real bitter almond, and hence contains NO prussic acid.

Almond is used in success and prosperity spells. Climbing a almond tree is said to ensure success in business ventures. placing almonds in your pockets will lead you to treasures. Magical wands are made of almond for it is the wood of Air, which is the traditional elemental ruler of the magic wand.

    Gender: masculine
    Planet: Mercury
    Element: Air
    Dieties: Attis, Mercury, Thoth, Hermes


Bitter Almond

Our Bitter Almond is mostly benzaldehyde, but not totally, so it has to be classified as a fragrance, but it smells just as unique! You'll never know the difference.

Bitter almond is not the same as "sweet almond". Bitter Almond has no home aromatherapy uses, however, almond is popular in ancient mythology for uses for prosperity, success and treasures, and almond is the wood of choice for magical wands. Our Bitter Almond fragrance oil is also good in candle and soap making, use in incense, and perfumery. Real Bitter Almond is now a US DEA controlled substance, and we don't want to bother with all the red tape, so we don't offer the natural oil nor will we offer our fragrance in large volume amounts.

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2 oz room spray
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