A yellow to brownish liquid with a warm-spicy, somewhat harsh odour. Or a pale to dark yellow liquid with a sweet, warm-spicy, dry, tenacious odour. It blends well with olibanum, ylang ylang, orange, mandarin, benzoin, peru balsam and in oriental-type mixtures.

A tropical evergreen up to 15m (49 ft) high, with strong branches and thick scabrous bark with young shoots speckled greeny-orange. It has shiny green, leathery leaves, small white flowers and oval bluish-white berries. the leaves have a spicy smell when buriedsed.

Cinnomon oil was used as part of a holy anointing oil by the ancient Hebrews. The leaves of the cinnamon tree were woven into wreaths which were used to decorate ancient Roman temples. The Egyptians used cinnamon oil during the mumification process.

When burned as an incense, cinnamon raises high spiritual vibrations. It aids in healing, draws money, stimulates psychic powers and produces protective vibrations. Cinnamon is also used in making sachets and infusions for these purposes.

    Gender: masculine
    Planet: Sun
    Element: Fire

cinnamon sticks


(Cinnamonum zeylanicum)

This Cinnamon Bark is a natural flavoring. However, Cinnamon Bark, and it's cousin Cassia, are dermal toxins. This means that it will BURN if you put it directly on your skin. Usually the rash goes away after a while with no ill side effects, but it isn't pleasant to have. Our Blends that have Cinnamon Bark in them have a very, very small amount, but it would be wise to test them on a non-sensitive place before using them on your skin. Some people are more sensitive than others. We would NEVER recommend using Cinnamon Bark straight, but some people are not bothered by using Leo, Sun or Fire.

1/4 oz
1 oz
4 oz
1/3 oz roll-on
2 oz room spray
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