An evergreen shrub or tree up to 6m (20 ft) high, with bluish-green stiff needles. It has small flowers and berries that are green in the first year, black in the second and third. Because we sell only a Juniperberry fragrance, we won't list any medicinal properties here.

Used throughout Europe as a protective herb, Juniper also guards against theft. It was probably one of the eraliest incenses used by Mediterranean witches. Juniper hug at the door protects against evil forces and persons, and it is burned in exorcism rites. A sprig of the plant protects its wearer against accidents and attacks by wild animals. It also guards aganinst ghosts and sickness. Juniper is added to love mixtures, and the berries are carred to increase male potency. When carried or burned, juniper helps the psychic powers and breaks hexes and curses, and drives off snakes. Mix it with Frangipani.

    Gender: masculine
    Planet: Sun
    Element: Fire

juniper berries

Juniper Berry

We found this really wonderful Juniperberry fragrance. While the essential oil is commercially available, it is usually very expensive. This fragrance is just a touch of spicy, and herbaceous-balsamic scent.

1/4 oz
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1/3 oz roll-on
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