A dark brown, thick liquid with a rich, sweet, herbaceous-balsamic odour. It blends well with oakmoss, clary sage, pine, juniper, calamus, opopanax, lavender, lavandin, bergamot, cypress, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, olibanum, maroc chamomile and oriental bases.
A small sticky shrub up to 3m (10 ft) high with lance-shaped leaves that are white and furry on the underside, and fragrant white flowers. Labdanum gum, a dark brown solid mass, is a natural oleoresin obtained by boiling the plant material in water. This is what our Labdanum is produced from, see Benzoin for more information on solvent methods. This is not distilled essential oil.

a blob of labdanum resin


(Cistus ladaniferus)

Also known as 'European Rock Rose' and 'Cistus oil'. The gum was used since ancient times for catarrh, diarrhea, dysentery and to promote menstruation. The oil can be used for scrofulous skin conditions, ulcers and tumors, including cancer. Used as a fixative in soaps, detergents, and perfumes as well as most major food categories for flavorings, especially meats and soft drinks. Avoid during pregnancy.

1/4 oz
1 oz
1/3 oz roll-on
2 oz room spray
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