A pale yellow or olive-green liquid with a fresh, sweet, citrus-peel odour. It blends well with neroli, citronella, lavendar, lavandin, rosemary, clary sage and other citrus oils. Mix it with vanilla for a sweet, uplifting scent great for rooms or cars.

A small evergreen tree up to 4.5m (15 ft) high, with stiff sharp spines, smooth ovate leaves and small white flowers. The bitter fruit is a pale green colour, about half the size of a lemon.

Take a fresh lime, pierce it with old iron nails, spikes, pins and needles, and throw it into a deep hole in the ground. This will rid you of all ills, hexes, and evil spells. Wear a necklace of limes to cure a sore throat. Lime peel is used in love mixtures and incenses. To cure a toothache, drive a thank the lime tree first before you do so. Twigs of the lime tree protect against the evil eye when carried.

    Gender: masculine
    Planet: Sun
    Element: Fire

a pile of limes


(Citrus aurantifolia)

Indiscriminately used in place of lemon, it has most of the home aromatherapy uses as lemon. But it is a very different aroma than lemon, and adds interesting and wonderful kicks to all sorts of oil blends.

4 oz

1 oz

4 oz
1/3 oz roll-on
2 oz room spray
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