An amber or dark orange viscous liqiud with a sweet, rich, herbaceous-earthy - it improves with age. It blends well with labdanum, vetiver, sandalwood, cedarwood, oakmoss, geranium, clove, lavender (our Everlasting oil), rose (our Taurus oil), neroli, bergamot, cassia, myrrh, opopanax, clary sage, oriental type bases and so much more!

A perennial bushy herb up to 1 meter high with a sturdy, hairy stem, large, fragrant, furry leaves and white flowers tinged with purple.

Patchouli smells like rich earth, and so has been used in money and prosperity mixtures and spells. It is sprinkled into money, added to purses and wallets, and placed around the base of green candles. Because of its earthyness, patchouli is used in fertility rituals, and is an attraction oil, hence used in love and lust potions.

    Gender: feminine
    Planet: Saturn
    Element: Earth

patchouli leaves


(Pogostemon cablin)

Sometimes referred to as 'hippie oil', patchouli is used in the East generally to scent linen and clothes, and is believed to help prevent the spread of disease (prophylactic). In China, Japan and Malaysia the herb is used to treat colds, headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and halitosis. In Japan and Malaysia it is used as an antidote to poisonous snakebites. It is an anti-fungal and is good in the treatment of athletes foot. Patchouli oil ages well and is considered to be an attraction oil. Native to tropical Asia, especially Indonesia and the Philippines. It is extensively cultivated for its oil in its native regions as well as in India, China, Malaysia and South America. The oil is also distilled in Europe and the USA from the dried leaves.

1/4 oz
1 oz
4 oz
1/3 oz roll-on
2 oz room spray
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